On this site, we’re going to be talking about all things vaping! Myself and my team at SmokShop have over 10 years’ experience in the vape industry and we’re excited to throw out some fresh creativity! So, to start off our vape blog journey, we thought it’d be wise to talk about one of the fastest-growing concepts in the vape community, vaping competitions!

Now, for the inexperienced or new vaper, competitive vaping might turn a few heads. However, the art of competitive vaping is actually pretty cool and is constantly drawing more and more people into the community!

An Introduction to the Vaping World

Since its introduction to the world in 2003, vaping has come a long, long way. Originally developed as a means to help people cut down or even quit smoking, vaping has transformed itself into a culture of sorts, with millions of people now vaping.

Vaping – in contrast to smoking – is more than just lighting up and inhaling the flavoursome juices. It has developed a sort of DIY culture, in that people can mix and match different tanks, atomisers, juices and everything in between. Vaping has become more than just a way to relax, it’s a hobby, a sport and a mode of creative expression.

Now, people from around the globe are coming together to celebrate this creative expression, in the form of vape competitions. Of course, this may seem like a lot to take in, especially if you’re new to vaping, so let me break it down into some simple categories. Let’s begin with how vaping can even be made into a sport, let alone a competitive sport.

How Vaping Competitions Work

There are lots of vaping competitions, such as our free e liquid competition, but when people think of vaping, the first thing they may think of is the giant clouds of smoke that appear when the user exhales. This has been aptly named ‘cloud chasing’ and if you’d like to learn more about the themes surrounding cloud vaping, why not check-out the blog on SmokShop.com?

Such cloud chasing antics come in various forms. For example, renowned vaping artist Austin Lawrence has accumulated over 400k Instagram followers thanks to his impressive set of vaping skills. He has distributed many videos of him blowing a range of eclectic shapes. It is thanks to people like Austin Lawrence that vaping competitions and exhibitions are becoming a global phenomenon.

What are Vaping Competitions?

So, vaping competitions are usually divided into two categories: clouds and tricks.

What is a Cloud Competition?
In a cloud contest, two people are chosen randomly from the crowd, they then stand back-to-back as a countdown timer starts. Once the alarm rings, the two contestants inhale and blow out a single puff of smoke (usually quite big) and try to create a bigger ‘cloud’ than their opponent. The winner will then move on to the next round.

However, within cloud competitions there are two separate ‘leagues’, which are named regulated and unregulated contests. Unregulated contests are fairly lenient, meaning they don’t have to lock in at a specific number of ohms, whereas regulated contests force the participants to lock their e-cigs at a certain number of ohms. The one recurring rule within both leagues is that the competitions need to be performed in a room without a source of airflow. This is simply because airflow is likely to distort the shape and density of the clouds created.

What is a Vape Trick Competition?

Next up is vaping tricks.

Following a fairly similar concept of cloud competitions, two candidates (sometimes more) are invited up to the stage to present their best vape tricks. In most cases, the participants are given a 1-minute time limit and the winner within the limit progresses to the next round.

Unlike the cloud competition, the tricks competition is arguably more exciting, as people are given free roam to exhibit their skills and crafts for an entire minute. One of the most renowned performers are the Spammers, as they use their fingers and cheeks to produce a stack of rings or ‘o’s. There are also Benders and Runners, the latter uses physical force and speed to manipulate the form of the smoke to create cool shapes, and the former remains static but use their bodies to manipulate the smoke into different shapes.

However, these are just a few names given to tricksters. Truth be told, the world of vaping is growing every day and new tricks and techniques are being created to shock and stun the vape community.

A Few Popular Exhibitions

The most popular vape exhibitions from this year were as follows:

Vape Jam UK (April 2017)
UK Vapefest (August 2017)
Vaper Expo UK – The Return (October 2017)

For more informaiton on these events, why not visit the SmokShop blog here? It has all the information you need!

Vaping: A Serious Competitive Side?

While many people attend exhibitions for the fun, quirky creative aspect, others join for more serious competitive reasons. With a larger amount of people, bigger vape artists, more stalls and generally more coverage, these ‘bigger’ vape exhibitions come with greater risks and rewards. If you’re talented enough to perform at international level, this comes with various rewards, such as sponsors, promotional merchandise and free gifts such as e-liquids, gadgets and other quirky items.

While the majority of prizes as such vape contests or exhibitions usually range from vaping gear to e-liquids, the larger conventions offer serious cash which is usually dished out by big promoters and popular vaping brands. One of the biggest vaping competitions is in the USA – Vape Capitol Cloud Championships and the grand prizes consists of $10,000 (for 1st and 2nd place) and decreasing cash prizes all the way down to 10th place!

Watch out for Upcoming Events!

With the vape community growing as every day passes, you’d be wise to keep up to date with what’s going on across the globe. Fortunately, SmokShop’s blog is constantly being updated with new information surrounding the vape community, so why check it out every so often? Additionally, while you’re here, check out our wicked e-liquid collection, you’d be hard-pressed to find prices that match our own!