Tobacco use has received a lot of bad press and so people have turned to vaping.

With the increased popularity of vaping, it’s become an issue when it comes to proper etiquette. Vaping in public can cause people to yell at you if you are not vaping respectfully, when you are near them. Vaping has become a new activity and the sight of vapor clouds has caused many people to complain.

Right now, laws are being written that restrict where and when vaping can happen. Proper etiquette practices is an issue that is discussed among vapers, but remains a contentious issue. Vaping has become an activity that is done for relaxation and as a way to socialize with others. It’s also seen as a way to stop smoking harmful cigarettes.

Vaping in Public

When it comes to vaping in public areas, don’t vape where someone wouldn’t smoke. Establishments like bars may have different rules. Some bars allow customers to vape instead of having to stand outside in the freezing cold weather to enjoy a brief vape.

If you vape in places, where it’s clearly not allowed, you will only be antagonizing those around you and will just get yourself in possible trouble. It’s best to ask permission before you vape in establishments such as restaurants, offices or businesses.

Use Common Sense

Common sense can help you from vaping near children, inside banks, grocery stores, hospitals, on planes, trains and subways. You also have the ability to try and use your device in public without being noticed by vaping in an enclosed space like a restroom. However, you may get in trouble if the state does not allow vaping in public.

Be Considerate of Others

There have always been smoke breaks with coworkers, but vaping socially has not become the norm. Because that there have been a few pointers given that people should consider when vaping.

It’s proper etiquette to not blow clouds of vapor in a person’s face, even if it’s a fellow vaper. While vapor is not as annoying as cigarette smoke, it can still irritate some people. However circumstances may change, if you’re with friends in a vape shop, consider what they would prefer.

Also, a vape shop might not want a bunch of people vaping in their establishment, since the different smells from so many flavors all day can become a bit much. It’s also recommended that you do not vape at meals, because the smell might bother other patrons. Others believe the smell can make them hungry for the flavors of the cloud, but it’s best to avoid testing this around people who are eating and may not enjoy it.

Where to Vape?

The question now becomes, where is it okay to vape? Currently, there is no law that we know of against vaping in your own vehicle. However, the vapor can impair your visibility, creating a dangerous situation for you and the other cars on the road, so be sure to crack a window. If you’re outdoors in the middle of nowhere, it’s alright for you to vape as much as you want to your heart’s content.

If there are people around, you need to be aware of them, because they may not want to smell your vapor. It’s also polite not to vape around children or pets, there is a risk that they could get into your e-juices, which could make them sick or even be fatal (vape gear should always be kept away from children). Most importantly, don’t use other people’s vaping devices without their permission.

Help Others Understand

One of the best things any vaper can do is to inform and educate those around them. People around them may not be properly informed about vaping. Help them understand the basics, most are probably hearing about the alleged dark side of vaping from the media.

Stay relaxed and help people understand the facts. The news media seems to misrepresent vaping; most of the time, it’s all just focused on the negative. Some of the public truly do want to learn more about vaping and its benefits in contrast to smoking. Some distance themselves less from vapers than they do from smokers because they understand the comparative advantage vaping offers.

Some Final Notes

If a vaper takes into consideration these proper etiquette tips, they should have an enjoyable experience, without disturbing the non-vapers around them. Keeping proper vaping etiquette will make your life as a vaper easier and help to improve the overall public image of vapes. Overall, just remember to use common sense and follow the rules that may be in place, where you are. Vaping is meant to be a fun and relaxing experience, however, one must consider their surroundings and the people around before they vape.

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