Once you’ve been vaping a while, you might end up sticking more or less to one flavour group. While plenty of people begin with a menthol or tobacco, there are hundreds of different e-liquid flavours to try – especially when you get into fruit, desserts and candy. Even if you’ve settled into a flavour category you’re comfortable with, sometimes it can be tricky to narrow down which vape juice to try next when you have so many choices. So, we’ve rounded up some of the newer and more exciting liquids to try from each profile. They also come in large bottles so you get more vape for your buck and their country of origin spans from Malaysia to the UK to the US.


You can’t go wrong with a menthol e-liquid, but sometimes menthol mixed with something else makes it even better. Fruit and mint go together beautifully, so we’ve picked two of our best menthol-meets-fruit vape juices.

Brain Freeze – Naked 100. As the name would suggest, this one has a solid icy punch to it. It’s not a menthol-only juice though. It combines a refreshing and tangy blend of kiwi and pomegranate together to create a punchy fruit juice that’s poured over ice.

Slow Blow – Nasty Juice. Another tropical liquid with a menthol kick, the difference here is it’s more mint and less ice. Made in Malaysia, this one combines exotic notes of pineapple and fresh lime juice with a note of crisp low mint to keep things cool.


Having a vape after dinner means you can indulge in the flavours of your favourite pastry, pie or even a donut without any of the calories. We’ve picked two of the more unusual combinations from this category that give you the choice between two of the best flavour notes in this category – creamy or custard.

Butterscotch Custard – I VG. A complex dessert vape, Butterscotch Custard brings out notes of malty brown sugar with an almost salty note thanks to the butterscotch. The next wave is sweet vanilla and creamy custard. It smells as good as it tastes and satisfies that sugar craving like nothing else.

Choco – Donuts. This one is sugar glazed, crispy and smothered in chocolate. Everything a sweet tooth, dessert fan could ask for. Donuts is an American made liquid company serving up rich donut vapes – if chocolate isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of fruit donut alternatives too.


The most popular category even for new vapers switching over from smoking, the world of fruit flavoured liquids is expansive. Fruit is great on its own but also when combined with just about any other flavour profile from desserts, menthol and of course candy.

Strawberry Scream – Riot Squad. A classic that screams “British”, Strawberry Scream is also made in the UK. A simple and satisfying blend of fresh and sweet summer strawberries drizzled with cream. Packing a punch on the strawberry front with a hint of dairy, it’s heavier on the fruit and lighter on the dessert.

Mango Tart – Dinner Lady. For tropical and traditional, fruit and a little bit of dessert, we rate Mango Tart. Exotic and sweet notes of juicy mango are combined with a buttery pastry base. An ideal after dinner vape for when you’re feeling picky.


Even people who don’t love candy can still appreciate a good sugary vape. The two we’ve got are some seriously nostalgic favourites.

Skittlez – Drippin. As you may have guessed, this brand makes juice especially with drippers in mind but works great in any Sub Ohm tank too. Skittlez is a burst of candied fruit flavour that can only be described as colourful. Sweet, tangy and vibrant – it packs a whole lot of flavour notes in you’ll notice a different one with each puff.

Caramel Lollipop – I VG. I VG are just that good, they’ve made the list twice. Caramel Lollipop combines a vanilla and malt caramel note with a simple and sweet sugary note. The accuracy of this juice is incredible and the intensity of the flavour never disappoints.

When it comes to liquids, these are just the tip of the iceberg. When it’s hard to narrow it down to just one new juice you want to try, spoil yourself and buy e-liquids in bulk to really treat your taste buds. All the liquids on this list are ideal for Sub Ohm tanks and come in a 70:30 ratio to strike just the right balance between flavour and vapour.