Believe it or not, it all started at the dog park.

It’s been a routine of mine for years: leash up the dog, head over to the park, relax for a while… throw a ball… have a cigarette. That last part always required me to walk to the corner of the park. A little space where the grass is dead, a few old hard plastic chairs face the brick wall of the public restrooms. It felt like my own little time-out corner.

One day, I noticed a couple standing with their dog in the middle of the park enjoying some Frisbee time. Both of them looked like they were smoking, until I realized it was something else. They were vaping. I watched them enjoy themselves, right there in full view, minus disapproving looks and points to join the rest of us in the time-out corner.

I left the park that day, interested, but in no way did I believe I’d ever be someone who would vape in place of my cigarettes.

Party Of One
Only a couple days later, I found myself at a friend’s house celebrating his graduation of law school. Once again, I found myself in another time-out corner, lighting up a cigarette. No one seem bothered by it, but I know I was trying to get through it as fast as possible so I could get back to the party. When I did, I saw someone vaping, while standing in a group of people. Right there in the middle of the party! I was impressed how no one seemed bothered by it, nor did the guy smoking the vape, act as if he was inconveniencing anyone.

I thought to myself OK maybe I should give this thing a try.

The First Step Towards A New Thing
I checked online and read the License to Vape beginners guide along with some reviews they have published online. I then went to a local Vape Shop and was overwhelmed by the amount of products available. All different types of sizes and prices of all sorts of vapes. Plus flavors, potency, and other things that are never options when it comes to cigarettes. I explained to the guy behind the counter that I was a first time buyer and he directed me to something simple and basic. Between the local Vape Shop and License to Vape I was able to come to a good decision on what brand new vape I wanted for myself.

When I got everything I needed, I tried it. I thought, this is too good to be true. I’m enjoying it as much as a cigarette and I already feel like I don’t need to hide in a corner.

Back To The Start
I leashed up my dog and headed back to the dog park. I stood right in the center of the field and began to throw his favorite ball. I pulled out my brand new vape and enjoyed myself. I got no looks. No people acting as if I was destroying the air around them…nor was I ruining anyone’s beautiful day. Plus, I was a satisfied as I would be smoking a cigarette. That was it. That’s all I needed. Suddenly, I’m a vape guy.

Now, when it comes to parties, bars, or just hanging out, that uncomfortable feeling of lighting up a cigarette is nonexistent. Vape has made me feel a lot more socially comfortable, and I love enjoying the variety of products available.

I’m out of the time-out corner.