The Best Organic E-Juice Brands 

The organic products movement is building a following in almost every industry. Consumers are paying more attention to the ingredients that are in the items that buy. The e-liquid market is one such domain that has witnessed the influence of the buzzing ‘go organic’ trend. Organic E-liquids and other safer alternatives to smoking were long-overdue, and are now available to offer vapers a cleaner vaping experience. 

While many e-juice companies claim to be PG-free and organic, only a handful of them can put their money where their mouth is and provide documentation supporting this claim. In fact, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) recognizes Essence Vapor and Virgin Vapor as the only two E-juice manufacturing companies with USDA organic certification.

If you are looking to find a cleaner e-liquid – free from chemicals, pesticides, and artificial ingredients – we have picked three top organic e-liquid manufacturing companies in this blog. Have a read and make an informed choice on your next purchase!

Three Best Organic E-Juice Companies 

The three organic e-juice companies (in order of our most to least favorite) we are going to review today are:


  • Essence Vapor 
  • Kind Juice
  • Kai’s Virgin Vapor


#1 Essence Vapor 

Essence Vapor is one of the two e-juice manufacturing companies to acquire the USDA seal of organic certification. The USDA has certified all of Essence Vapor’s flavors as utilizing only certified organic ingredients.  They are also GMO-free, PG-free, and sugar-free. Moreover, all their products are manufactured in AEMSA (American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Association) certified clean rooms, which further solidifies their commitment towards producing safer and cleaner e-juices.

Essence Vapor offers customers a wide range of premium quality e-juices that are produced from high-quality organic ingredients. The company uses all-natural components sourced within the US to create some of the best vape juices we’ve ever tasted!

The use of 100% VG (vegetable glycerine) instead of PG (propylene glycol), makes their e-juices cleaner and really focuses on harm-reduction for the end-user. It also helps in producing thicker, more dense, clouds. To ensure the products are entirely organic, Essence Vapor sources only certified organic and GMO-free VG and flavor extracts in their recipes.

Since all of the e-juices are made without adding sweeteners or sugar, vapers are also getting the added bonus of gunk-free coils. Arctic Cloud, Hanalei Honey, Lahaina Lilikoi, and Yumberry were some of the tastiest flavors we’ve sampling in a long time.  You can tell that put a lot of effort into what they are doing at Essence Vapor, as their flavor profiles are incredible.

Click here to discover some of Essence Vapor’s amazing flavors.

#2 Kind Juice 

Kind Juice offers an impressive range of e-liquids made from premium quality ingredients.

The brand uses all-natural ingredients, flavor extracts, and tobacco, that are ethically grown and harvested. They even make sure the plants used for extracting VG are grown without using pesticides and chemicals. 

For a cleaner vaping experience, Kind Juice produces all their e-juices without adding artificial sweeteners. While Kind Juice doesn’t have a USDA certification on their products, they have great flavor profiles.

According to their website, all naturally extracted flavors are, allergen, kosher, and gluten-free. Pirate Gold, Jungle Juice, The Lazy Iguana, and 5 O’Clock Somewhere are some of the flavors offered by the brand.

Visit their website to learn more about Kind Juice and its products. 

#3 Kai’s Virgin Vapor

Kai’s Virgin Vapor has an extensive line of tantalizing e-juice flavors. All their offerings are certified as GMO-free, vegan, pesticide-free, and completely organic. All of their e-juices have no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners added to it, which further makes their products all-natural.

This brand is also a member of the American E-Liquid Manufacturing Standards Associations. It abides by the production and safety guidelines laid down by the association while producing the flavors.

The nicotine used for Kai’s e-juices is of USP-certified kosher grade. To keep the nicotine as fresh as possible, the company follows a stringent method to refrigerate the nicotine. While many companies will refrigerate their nicotine to preserve freshness, it’s nice to know they state it on their official website.

Black Velvet, Menthol Moon Drops, Death by Chocolate, and Celestial Honeydew are some of the e-juice flavors we sampled that are offered by Kai’s Virgin Vapor.

To order online or know more about the brand, check their website.

These are some of the best organic e-liquid brands available in the market today. We hope this article will help you choose the best organic e-juice brand for you. However, while making your choice, do visit their websites, check the ingredients, and check out what other vapers have to say about the brands.

Have a happy vaping experience!