So there you are at your local Vape Shop, or shopping online, and you see a brand new flavor that peaks your interest. So you buy it. You add it to your vaporizer and it’s everything you wanted it to be. Tastes great. You use this juice a few times and each time it’s exactly the same. Then, suddenly out of nowhere, it tastes different. Maybe it’s not as strong as it was the first few times. Or maybe there’s a completely different taste all together. Well, if you are experiencing this, you’re not alone. There are many people who are vaporizer enthusiasts who are experiencing the same issue. And like most problems, understanding why the issue is occurring is the key to making sure doesn’t happen anymore. So, here are a few reasons why you might have a decreased or completely different level of taste with your flavored e-juice/oil.

Look Right Under Your Nose

One reason for a change in juice flavor could be the vaping device itself. Have you changed it’s settings? Have you tried a new coil with a different type of wick? Believe it or not those factors and others can lead to a significant change in flavor of your e-juice.


Another factor that may cause a change in taste is how you store your e- juice and vaping device. Leaving your vaping products in a cool dry place is ideal. But those who ignore this rule of thumb, may experience changes in their vaporizer and taste. Something as simple as leaving it in the sun can cause great alteration.

Keep It Clean

It’s easy to blame the –e-juice/oil that you have purchased, when it comes to decreasing flavor. But your device might be exactly what you should be focusing on instead. The maintenance of your vaporizer can also play a major part in taste and flavor. If the atomizer in your vaporizer builds up with dirt in the coil, that will usually affect your e-juice qualities.

Shelf Life

It’s easy to lose track of time. With so many different flavors to choose from, one of your favorites can be pushed to the back of the line after visiting your Vape Shop. Going back to that flavor later down the line, may result in a much different taste then what you remembered. Just like most products you take into your body, there is an expiration date. If you wait too long, your E-juice can lose its potency and flavor.

Vape Tongue

vape tounge

Believe it or not, using the same flavor of vape over and over again can lead to a difference in taste…not only only when vaping, but for other things too. The easiest solution to this problem it to change up the flavor evey now and then to make sure you’re getting the best taste out of your vape.

With so many vape juice flavors available, and new ones coming out often, it’s an exciting time to be a vaping enthusiast. Maintaining your products should keep you satisfied when it comes to the consistency of taste.