Vaping is fast becoming one of the most popular ways to help adults quit smoking. And for good reason.

On top of all the health benefits that come with swapping to an e-cigarette, there are multiple studies that have shown that vaping really does help people quit smoking.
Here are some of the things that these studies have found. And who knows, hopefully you’ll be able to convince a tobacco cigarette smoker to vaping.

Tobacco cigarettes are more dangerous than E-cigarettes

Tobacco based cigarettes are one the most dangerous of life threatening products that we can buy off the shelf.
They contain many chemicals that are directly responsible for some of the most deadly diseases, including cancer and heart disease.
And yet, millions of people but them every day.

A report issued but the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine shows that e-cigs are far less harmful.
The report confirms that e-cigarette users are not exposed to the many, many harmful substances that are found in conventional cigarettes.
And it’s not hard to see where they got this conclusion from.

Tobacco cigarettes contain harmful chemicals that include tar, carbon monoxide and ammonia. These are only 3 of the thousands of other potentially fatal chemicals. The health risks associated with cigarettes are well known.
Compare that to an e-cigarette.

There are very few ingredients that make up e-liquid and they are as follows: water, flavourings, and nicotine. That is it. No cancer-causing chemicals in there.

When an e-cig is heated up, it produces water vapour. Tobacco cigarettes? That smoke contains too many harmful substances to count.

E-cigarettes may help adults quit smoking

Because e-cigarettes are customisable, there is a lot of scope to reduce levels of nicotine. This helps adults quit smoking because they can controlled based on someone’s quitting plan.
In fact, nicotine in an e-cigarette has been suggested to not even be as addictive than in regular cigarettes.

There have been tests that suggest that nicotine by itself is less addictive than hard drugs like cocaine but because in a cigarette, the nicotine is surrounded by other chemicals, it makes it more addictive.
As we saw earlier, e-liquids barely have any ingredients so the addictiveness to the nicotine will decrease for an e-cigarette smoker.
If you want to see a report, then just go back to the same report we used in the first point, proving e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco cigarettes

To quote:
“There is moderate evidence … that more frequent use of e-cigarettes is associated with increased likelihood of cessation.”

E-cigarettes improve lung function

This is based around that smokers’ lungs are damaged when smoking because of all the build-up of tar that comes with smoking and the carbon monoxide. One of the long term, irreversible health risk that comes with smoking is emphysema, which leaves people struggling to breathe at all.
This is particularly bad for people that have asthma, as they will have difficulty breathing without cigarettes helping.
Well, this study shows that vaping can actually improve how the lungs function in the body.

Dr Polosa who conducted this study said that:

“The e-cig may help smokers with asthma to reduce their cigarette consumption or remain abstinent and hence reduce the burden of smoking-related asthma symptoms. The positive findings observed with e-cigs allows us to advance the hypothesis that these products may be valuable for smoking cessation and/or tobacco harm reduction also in asthma patients who smoke. ”

This is obviously amazing news. Because you are not exposed to the chemicals that affect the lungs, they give themselves a chance to repair and get rid of the nasty stuff from the body.

Vaping is not a gateway to smoking

This claim is one of the most annoying out there.
Firstly, the number of people who vape for the sake of it are very little in numbers. Secondly, why would people go from vaping to cigarettes, knowing all the adverse health risks that come with it? There is so much information available that it’s harder to not know the effects.

In fact, it’s been proven that vaping is a gateway to quitting smoking.
Lynn Kozlowski and Kenneth Warner have done research into this area and to quote their findings:
“We conclude, currently, that youth use of e-cigarettes is unlikely to increase the ranks of future cigarette smokers.”
Doesn’t sound like vaping leads to smoking to us.

So overall, we can confidently say vaping helps adults quit smoking

These are only some of the many studies that have been taken to prove how beneficial vaping is compared to smoking.
It’s now about spreading the word and informing the general public that this is the case.
People choose what they want to believe but when it’s backed by science, it’s hard to deny.

Vaping helps people quit, it’s as simple as that.