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The miraculous experience of vaping with tobacco flavored e liquid

tobacco e liquidHave you made up your mind and switched from the terribly bad habit of smoking and filling your body with nicotine to the smooth and gentle experience of vaping?

Well, one very important thing you have to bear in mind, before diving into the experience of the amazing tobacco flavored e liquid, is that the manufacturer can’t be led by an entrepreneur who’s willing to make money thanks to your trust.

Instead of that, you should rely on a company that has a lot of experience in the area and can provide you with incredible tastes of e liquid, as well as with the guarantee of being taken to your mouth a high-quality product.

Gottagetta is the brand that has made of the tobacco flavored e liquid and unforgettable and safe experience.

Delightful tobacco flavored e liquid to turn your vaping experience upsidedown

• Bombies – Bacco B: who said that vaping only involved the taste and smell senses? If you think so, it’s because you haven’t tried this Bacco B liquid, which seems to literally kick you inside. The results? More energy, more smiles, better social skills and maybe the possibility of finding a love partner thanks to this tobacco flavored e liquid. If you’re a man, women will want to discover what makes you so strong as to resist a flavor that has obviously been created for tough and brave guys. If you’re a woman, no man could ever resist sneaking out in your life to get immerse with your bravery and that air of a girl who knows what she wants and how to achieve it.

• Golden Tobacco E-Liquid: this awesome tobacco flavored e liquid has been thought for you, to who the bitter taste of dark tobacco doesn’t appeal. This is the perfect blend of the Virginian sweet tobacco with some hints of caramel. It’s amazing what you will experience when this e liquid blasts in your mouth to take your whole body for a ride across Virginian lands where everything is sunnier, fresher and the smells and sensations sculpt your mood and you feel strong, but sweet and tender at the same time. Such a flavor is either for experienced vapers who are seeking something refreshing and new or for new ones who are giving their first shy steps in the activity which has revolutionized the way we enjoy of the pleasures life gives us at every second. Once you try it, the hard thing is to put it down.

• VGOD Cubano Black E-Liquid: inspired in the power of the freshly rolled thick cigar, this amazing tobacco flavored e liquid traces the strong and sweet notes of vanilla and includes them to highlight the sharp robust tobacco taste combined with creamy custard. This blend is magical and it leads you to experiment with the opposites: the sweet and the bitter, the soft and the rough, the creamy with the tough taste of the wildest tobacco. This is a flavor that will remain in your mouth for hours and in your memories forever.

Why choose Gotta Getta for Tobacco E Liquid

The products of this brand are made in the USA, which guarantees a high-quality result, based on the strict controls carried out throughout the manufacturing process. Besides, the country is in the permanent investigation about new trends, products and manufacturing techniques aimed to please customers at the same time that they consume a safe product.

No chemicals! If you see the most delicious tobacco flavored e liquid is not deep brown, that’s because no food coloring is added to the products. Gottagetta doesn’t only appeal to your senses, it also takes care of your health. Of course that no sweeteners or other harmful chemical are added to the magical bottles that will take you to paradise as you vape.

The exact nicotine is guaranteed. If you read that the product contains 3mg of it, not a single mg more is contained. Accuracy is one of the company’s policies.

The liquids are stored in a black room during four weeks before being bottled.

This is enough proof that the company thinks about you before calculating its own profits. The storage of the liquid guarantees the concentration of the flavor to offer a much intense taste of the tobacco flavored e liquid once you start vaping.