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Menthol Flavored E-Liquid And its Many Forms

Menthol e liquidVaping is popular because it is a healthier alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. For those addicted to nicotine, it helps to reduce the amount of nicotine intake over a period of time without making you feel deprived. The vape juices are used to replace the nicotine. The market is now flooded with vape juices or e-liquids of myriad flavors. This makes it quite overwhelming when you have to choose a flavor for yourself.

If you are a newbie, it is best to stick with what you are familiar: the menthol flavor. It is easier to find a menthol e-liquid match if you were used to traditional menthol cigarettes. However, with e-liquids, you can choose to have the straight menthol flavor or choose to mix it with other more tantalizing flavors. Menthol flavors are also available in the market in varying concentrations. Menthol flavored e-liquid is available as both PG and VG variants as well as blends of VG and PG.

There are available harsh menthol flavors that are as cool as stone ice. There are other menthol flavored e-liquids that are smoother and toned down. There are yet others that are fruity and creamy. Today, there is a menthol flavor to suit every taste and is an example of a fine partnership between art and science. Menthol flavored prefilled cartridges are also available for consumers on the go.

Why Menthol E-Liquid is Popular

• It is a flavor that can be smoked by itself or in combination with other flavors
• It is flavor greatly helpful for traditional smokers looking to switch to e-cigarettes
• It produces great clouds
• The throat hit is considerable

Menthol flavors can be chosen according to different criteria.

Tobacco Menthol

This is one of the most common flavors preferred by the new vapers. The base taste is rich and savory and helps to replicate the traditional menthol cigarettes. The effect is slightly cooling and the throat hit is softer than what a straight tobacco flavor would give.

Full-on Menthol
This is for those that prefer strong menthol flavors. The taste is that of icy mint and you can find variants such as menthol freeze and mighty menthol that indicate strong menthol flavors. It produces a tingly feeling on the tongue that some smokers would love.

Fruity Menthol

Authentic fruit flavors are also being added to menthol. A standout flavor combination is Maui menthol. This consists of a mix of tropical fruit juices that is iced down with the menthol flavor. Lemonade is yet another fruity cocktail flavor that is added to menthol. It adds the effect of sipping a cold beverage. The sweet kick offered by blackberry adds to the punch lent by menthol. Watermelon flavor helps to give a refreshing flavor to menthol that is generally thought of to be minty. Whereas some flavors clash, others compliment the flavor. Menthol peach, honeydew and cantaloupes are other favorites. Frozen apple has a flavor that is less ‘nectarine’ in nature.

Mint chip milkshake is yet another flavor that can be added to the menthol e-liquid to get the milkshake taste.

Candy Menthol

Candy flavors are now being mixed with menthol to provide minty and candy vapes. Flavors such as strawberry and raspberry are common. The effect of vaping these e-liquids is a combination of both sticky sweet and cutting menthol flavor. Apart from these, other flavors that are becoming popular are chocolate mint and sweet spearmint flavors. Wintery peppermint flavors are also available.

Other Options for Menthol

The menthol flavor can be just about added to any other flavor to make the throat hit softer. As a vaping enthusiast, you can buy your own bottle of menthol and other flavoring agents to make your own best combination e-liquid.

The best of the flavored menthol e-liquids should also give out the vapors for the best experience. For this, it is essential that the best PG and VG be used. More vapor can be got with 70/30 VG/PG blend. However, the 80/20 combination is the perfect blend that gives a rocking throat hit and allows the best flavor to emanate from the menthol e-liquid.

Menthol is mixed in 1% increments to the non-flavoring ingredients such as VG, PG and ethyl alcohol. Menthol is a temperature sensitive substance and crystallizes at very low temperatures.