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Fruit Flavoured E Liquid

Fruit e liquidVaping has numerous benefits to a user over traditional cigarettes. That you have found yourself here is proof that you know of these advantages and you are looking either to give those nasty little tobacco sticks a kick or you have done so already, and you are looking into your eLiquid options.

eLiquids are typically made up of four major flavors: tobacco, menthol, fruit and dessert varieties. The first two are more conservative and try to emulate traditional cigarettes. The latter two, however, go beyond this and explore the sweet flavors present in fruits and desserts.

Desserts are delicious; this is a fact. Fruity flavors are, however, still a popular choice for many. The reason for this is rather obvious too, for you can choose from any of the fruit flavor options you love. The basic options include banana, grape and strawberry. There are more complex options that combine different fruit flavors into a blend. So, what’s your flavor?

Space Jam produces a variety of awesome fruity flavors that will definitely have you smiling with every vape. Ever wondered how strawberries, peach and green apple would taste together? Well, wonder no more, for Space Jam have that particular blend. Their products combine perfectly and to offer you just the right level of sweetness and sour. Astro makes for a delicious flavor for vaping all day, every day. The hint of sour apple with every inhale and sweet strawberry having a subtle peach flavor with every exhale, will have you going through bottle after bottle without rest.

Naked 100 produce some delightful fruit flavored e liquids. Accordingly, picking out just one for singular praise is quite a challenge. “Berry Belts” gives users an awesome experience with fruit berry candy while “Amazing Mango” is pretty delightful too. For lovers of tropical fruit, you can also try the “Hawaiian Pog.”

After much thought, however, I must concede that “Lava Flow” is the current best blend from Naked 100. It combines coconut, pineapples and strawberries. Picture it; a smooth, strawberry flavor with every inhale interchanging with a blend of coconut and sweet pineapple with every exhale. Moreover, the blend does not push it too far down the sweetness path but instead, it closely resembles a natural strawberry.

The only downside is that the product only comes in 60ml bottles. With the price of these bottles in line with most 30ml premium brands, “Lava Flow” remains a quality vape option for your indulgent.

This is one of the new flavors in the market. Having tried it, and solved the Mystery, at least in part, I can confirm that you will be in for a treat should you pick the product off the shelf. Air Factory has over the years produced some great, taffy-inspired vape flavors. These flavors have all tended to lean more towards candy flavors. With Mystery, however, Air Factory chose a different path: the result was a delicious and super fruity flavor!

Unlike other flavors by Air Factory, the mystery is in the fruit flavors present in the blend. Having sampled the e-juice, I could detect traces of berry and creamy taffy. Many other fruits remain a mystery though, but discovering these fruit flavors can be part of the fun.

So get yourself a bottle. Luckily, Mystery is available in 100ml gorilla packs. For its price, you will get an eLiquid that is good and of significant quantity.

Who doesn’t like apples? A few might raise their hands here, but I dare you to try the Reds Apple vape; you will be pleasantly surprised. Most apple flavors overdo the sweetness or end up being too artificial. Not the “Reds Apple” though; much like a cool glass of tasty apple juice, the vape is super smooth and quite refreshing.

Using the e-juice is, also, quite simple and when done correctly you will be in for a treat. 7 Daze has some other flavors worth trying too. “Grape Ice”, “Grape” and “Iced Menthol” are just three such flavors.

Whether you seek a straightforward fruit flavor with your vape or a more complex blend of flavors, we have got your back. There are numerous fruity choices in the eLiquid world. With the breakdown above, deciding on what vape to choose shouldn’t be as hard or intimidating. So, have a go sampling what flavor you fancy and have fun with every puff.