Have You Tried Tobacco Vaping?

Did you know that the term “vaping” doesn’t just apply to e-liquid and e-cigarettes? The term also applies to the use of a dry herb vaporizer to extract the beneficial compounds of herbs without setting the herbs on fire. Until now, most of the world’s vaporizer owners have only ever considered using their devices to vaporize herbs such as cannabis. Did you know that you can also use your vaporizer to vaporize tobacco? Vaporizing tobacco is the closest you’ll ever get to a cigarette without smoking, and tobacco vaping is a very pleasurable experience that you’ll most likely want to repeat after reading this article – and if you don’t own a dry herb vaporizer yet, you may want to get one. Let’s get started and learn what tobacco vaping is all about.

How Does Tobacco Vaping Work?

Tobacco vaping is the act of using a vaporizer to heat tobacco until the primary active component – nicotine – turns to vapor. Nicotine begins to vaporize at about 338 degrees Fahrenheit. A vaporizer applies just enough heat to vaporize the nicotine, but it doesn’t provide enough heat for combustion. In other words, vaping tobacco makes it possible to get the nicotine out of the tobacco without smoking it. As with e-liquid vaping, you’ll absorb the nicotine from vaped tobacco through your lungs by inhaling the vapor. Tobacco vaping is very discreet; you may not even notice a visible cloud when you exhale.

What Are the Benefits of Tobacco Vaping vs. E-Liquid Vaping?

Experience a More Cigarette-Like Flavor

If you’ve been vaping for a while and have tried a few different tobacco e-liquids, you know that a tobacco e-liquid isn’t a perfect replacement for smoked tobacco. E-liquid makers use various combinations of flavoring agents to create nutty and savory flavor profiles reminiscent of tobacco, but you’ll never find an e-liquid that tastes like cigarette smoke because there’s no combustion involved in vaping.

With tobacco vaping, there’s still no combustion. You are vaping actual tobacco leaves, though, rather than a chemical approximation of the flavor of tobacco. You’ll find, therefore, that tobacco vaping gives you a much more cigarette-like flavor than e-liquid vaping.

You May Find Tobacco Vaping More Satisfying

Some people – particularly heavy long-term smokers – have trouble switching fully to e-liquid vaping. They’ll vape sometimes, but they’ll still sneak a cigarette here and there. For those people, tobacco vaping may provide a bit of extra satisfaction that makes it possible to eliminate combustible tobacco products entirely.

Experience Premium Tobacco Blends in a New Way

There’s a greater potential for variety in tobacco vaping than you might initially realize. Although roll-your-own tobacco is the obvious choice, you can go a step further and try vaping pipe tobacco or any of the other premium tobaccos available from your local tobacconist. Just remember that a heavily flavored pipe tobacco will leave residue behind; some flavors will carry over to your next vaping session. We’ll discuss a solution for that shortly.

What Do I Need for Tobacco Vaping?

To vape tobacco, you need a dry herb vaporizer. Vaporizer makers usually market their products to cannabis users, but you can actually use a dry herb vaporizer with a variety of different materials such as catnip, chamomile and, of course, tobacco. For tobacco vaping, you’ll have the best luck with a device such as the Vapour2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer by V2 Cigs UK. The Series 7 is a good device for tobacco vaping for two reasons:

  1. It also works with e-liquid. If you decide that you don’t like tobacco vaping after all, you haven’t wasted your money; you can just use the device for e-liquid instead.
  2. The Series 7 has a removable dry herb cartridge. You can buy multiple cartridges for different tobacco blends to prevent flavor carryover when you switch blends.

The only other thing that you need is tobacco. You may consider buying an herb mill to grind the tobacco down to a finer consistency, but that’s not absolutely necessary. Most cigarette and pipe tobaccos are already shredded finely enough for vaping.

Is Vaping Tobacco Safe?

Nicotine use appears to present a continuum of risk. No form of nicotine is safe in absolute terms, but we do know that nicotine replacement products such as gums are much safer than combustible tobacco products such as cigarettes. E-liquid vaping and tobacco vaping most likely reside somewhere between those two extremes. Some experts believe that tobacco vaping is probably not as safe as e-liquid vaping because you’re still using a tobacco product.

In the United States, Philip Morris has attempted to gain approval to make modified-risk claims about its heat-not-burn tobacco product, iQOS. The FDA rejected the company’s claims, saying Philip Morris failed to present sufficient evidence to support the statement that switching from combustible tobacco to the iQOS system reduces the risk of smoking-related diseases.

Tobacco companies have attempted to market heat-not-burn cigarettes for many years. The products have never enjoyed mainstream success among smokers, and there is no real long-term evidence to confirm or deny the notion that they are safer than combustible cigarettes.

Are There Any Alternatives to Tobacco Vaping?

There are more tobacco e-liquids in the world than you might realize. If one company’s tobacco e-liquids don’t satisfy you, explore what another company offers. You’ll find that many tobacco e-liquids taste quite different from one another, and you’ll eventually find an e-liquid that provides the level of satisfaction you want. Consider looking for e-liquids containing naturally extracted tobacco (NET). NET e-liquid contains a full-spectrum extract of natural tobacco, sometimes enhanced with other flavors. You may find that the addition of a tobacco extract gives you the more satisfying and realistic flavor that you’re looking for. Keep in mind, though, that the vast majority of e-liquids contain no tobacco at all. When researchers study the long-term health effects of vaping, they’re not studying NET e-liquids. Since they contain tobacco, it is possible that NET e-liquids carry certain health risks not present with tobacco-free e-liquids.